Do you know the true cost of using a reusable bronchoscope?

Using a bronchoscope costs more than the initial purchase price. Every step in the process of using, reprocessing, storing, and transporting a scope is another layer of expense. Furthermore, according to the published literature, there are costs associated with the risks of not having a bronchoscope readily available and potential cross-infection.

Use the calculator below to see a cost-per-use estimate for your reusable bronchoscopes and how it compares with the Ambu aScope 3 disposable bronchoscope system.

Estimate your savings with aScope 3

Estimated savings

  • Cost per use with reusable Bronchoscope

    Cost per use with aScope 3

  • Savings per use with aScope 3

    Savings annually with aScope 3

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These areas could add expense for a hospital with reusable bronchoscopes:

  • checkInitial capital expense
  • checkRepair
  • checkReprocessing
  • checkDelayed procedures
  • checkTransportation of the scope
  • checkStorage and dryers
  • checkTracking procedures
  • checkCross-contamination and patient safety risk
  • checkLitigation from infection or poor outcomes
  • checkExtended LOS from unavailability of equipment