aScope 3 Regular (5.0/2.2)

The single-use nature of aScope 3 challenges conventions in flexible airway endoscopy: In contrast to the reusable scopes, aScope 3 is always available, cost-efficient and sterile straight from the pack. With its channel width of up to 2,2 mm, aScope 3 is an ideal alternative to reusable scopes.

Try aScope 3

Always Sterile. Always Available.

Instant accessibility

Always at hand when needed, saving valuable time and enhancing patient safety

High degree of usability

The portable plug-and-play system is easy to transport and set up. It is ready for use in no time


Eliminates repair costs as well as any limitations caused by complex reprocessing.

No risk of cross-contamination

Sterility straight from the pack eliminates the risk of cross-contamination.


Bending sections: 150º up, 130º down
Insertion cord diameter: 5.0 mm
Distand end diameter: 5.4 mm
Channel average inner diameter: 2.2 mm
Min. instrument channel width: 2.0 mm
Cord working lenght 600 mm

aScope 3 Regular is suitable for:

  • checkIntubation
  • checkAirway inspection
  • checkTube check
  • checkManagement of retained secretion
  • checkTransportation of the scope
  • checkBAL and BW procedures
  • checkPDT procedures
  • checkTraining of bronchoscopy skills

An ideal alternative for thoracic anaesthesia

For better patient safety

Choosing aScope 3 is about enhancing patient safety: It is about ensuring immediate access to a flexible videoscope, eliminating risk of cross-contamination and increasing the opportunities for training of flexible optical intubation.

aScope 3 exists in the following three versions:

  • Ambu aScope 3 Slim
  • Ambu aScope 3 Regular
  • Ambu aScope 3 Large

They are all equally connectable with Ambu aView.

To read more detailed information about risk management associated with the aScope 3 system, download the Instructions For Use.

Note: US Rx only


Download the aScope 3 Regular Datasheet



Download the aScope 3 Family Brochure



Download the entire Instructions for Use