Product family

Ambu aScope 3 Family

Always Sterile. Always Available.

Six good reasons to use aScope™ 3

Improved patient safety

aScope™ 3 offers improved patient safety as it is always available when needed.

Sterile from the pack

aScope™ 3 is sterile with no risk of cross-contamination.

Userfriendly design

aScope™ 3 is portable, intuitive and fast to set-up and use.

One system - 3 sizes

aScope™ 3 gives you 3 sizes in one system at no additional cost.


aScope™ 3 is cost effective. Low investment costs.

Practice your skills

aScope™ 3 gives you easy access to practice your bronchoscopy skills.

aScope 3 Slim (3.8/1.2)

The ultra slim design makes aScope 3 Slim ideal for placing an ET tube ≥ 5 mm or a DLT ≥ size 37 Fr.
When connected to the aView monitor, high quality images make it easy to navigate and identify anatomical landmarks.

aScope 3 Slim

aScope 3 Regular (5.0/2.2)

The aScope 3 Regular is a flexible single-use videoscope ideal for a wide range of endoscopic procedures. aScope is always available, cost efficient and easy to use. It is sterile, thus eliminating risk of cross-contamination.

aScope 3 Regular

aScope 3 Large (5.8/2.8)

The aScope 3 Large has a working channel of 2.8 mm makes the it suitable for management of tough or large amounts of secretion

aScope 3 Large

aView - high resolution monitor

Ambu® aView™ is a portable high resolution monitor that is compatible with all of Ambu´s single-use flexible scopes in the aScope 3 Family.